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me i represent the united states upper house

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Q: Who represents you in your state senate upper house in Louisiana?
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Who represents you in your state senate upper house in Florida?

who represents me in texas upper house

Who represents a state the house or the senate?

do people c.

Who represents you in your state senate upper house in Ohio?

the sistrict

How many senators there are in LA?

there are no senators in LA. senators are for the State of California. people in the house of Representatives are for districts. but if you are talking about Louisiana there are two senators for the US Senate. In the state senate for Louisiana there are 38

What kind of state legislature does Louisiana have?

It is a bicameral institution with a 39 member Senate and a 105 member Louisiana House of Representatives.

How many branches of government does Louisiana have?

louisiana has three branches of government,executive-governor leuitenant governor etc.legislative- state senate and state house of reps.judicial-all courts in louisiana

Who are the state senators in louisiana?

After the 2010 US Census, Louisiana has 8 electoral votes (down from 9).

Why do revenue bills start in House of Representatives?

Because the House is responsible for the country's affairs while Senate handles international relationships. ADDED: Because the House is for the people of the particular state they represent, while the Senate represents the State as a whole.

Why is the senate called the upper class?

The Senate has terms of 6 years, so they are in office longer. The Senate has more duties than the house. The fact that the house is elected in districts and represent only the people of their district. The Senate represents the entire state.

Is the louisiana senate part of the state legislators?


Who represents the people in the Senate?

Senators represent the people in the Senate. Each Senator represents between 1 and 37 million people depending on their state's population.

Which branch of the US government represents individual states?

In the United States the legislative branch represents the individual States that elect Representatives the Washington DC. This branch is divided into two separate organizations. The House of Representatives and the Senate are the two branches of the legislative branch.