Who rules the US?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who rules the US?
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Can rules keep us safe forever?

Rules are disobeyed by many people this days...... Rules can't possibly keep us safe forever

How many members are on the US House rules committee?

How many committee members are on the US house rules committee?

What is the type of ruler that rules the US?

The US has a president as its leader.

How rules help us?

be telling what to do and not to do

What are the rules for the US?

Be more specific

What are rules for the US flag?

burn it

Who makes the rules for becoming a us citizen?

The US Congress makes the rules for becoming a US citizen. The House of Representatives and the Senate together decide who can be a citizen and how it is to be done.

Why rules are important?

Rules are important because it lets society know what is expected of them. If you break the rules there are consequences and you are aware of that as well. Rules keep us in order. Rules protect us from ourselves because without rules one becomes oneself, a savage. A savage is an uncivilized being that follows no rules.

Do we have to follow mother earth's rules?

Yes because to respect our planet, we must follow her rules. We also have to respect her rules and do what we need to do and she'll love us all and she'll forgive us.

What are the rules for baby adoptions in the US?

You can see the rules for baby adoption in the US online on the website of Child Adoption Laws. They can answer all of your questions and you can see the rules for Baby Adoption. Good Luck!

Who makes the rules and regulations for US territories and US property?


Do they follow the rules of the law in the us?

yes !