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Elle Woods

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Q: Who said ' One true voice is louder than a crowd'?
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Who said one honest voice is better than a crowd's?

The quote "One honest voice is louder than a crowd" is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, highlighting the power of honesty and integrity even when faced with opposition or dissent.

Is the word louder an adverb or adjective?

The word "louder" is an adverb. It is used to describe the manner in which something is being done, typically in relation to volume or intensity.

Is a football crowd louder than a plane taking off?


Who said one honest voice can be louder than a croud?

Sid Post / Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde 2.

What is the difference between raising the voice and yelling?

Raising the voice typically involves speaking louder than normal to convey emphasis or urgency, while yelling is speaking loudly in a forceful or aggressive manner. Raising the voice can also be done intentionally to be heard in a noisy environment, while yelling is often a sign of anger or frustration.

Is Forte is louder than piano?

Forte means Loud and Piano means soft. with this being said yes, Piano is louder than forte

Who said 'A silence speaks louder than words'?

Pink Floyd in Sorrow

Is shouting and yelling the same thing?

No it isn't the same thing, yelling is louder than shouting, shouting is raising your voice quite a bit but yelling is raising your voice to the loudest it can go.

Why does Adele smoke if her voice is so beautiful?

She said that not smoking made her voice change, and it was better, but she said she'd rather have a little bit of a bad voice than quit

When was Louder Than War created?

Louder Than War was created in 2001.

When was Louder Than the Dragon created?

Louder Than the Dragon was created in 2004.

Why is it that action speaks louder than voice?

because your actions count. You can say something but it doesn't prove anything to anyone you have to do something to make it count.