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the Buddah

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Q: Who said Decay is inherent in all component things?
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What is the difference between an implied power and an inherent power?

Enumerated powers are ones held by the federal government. Examples: -Levy Taxes -Borrow money on the credit of the United States. -Pay the Federal debt -Declare War -Raise armies, a navy, and provide for the common defense -Regulate interstate and foreign commerce. -Coin Money Reserved powers are the ones held by the state governements. Examples: Regulate trade within the state. Provide welfare within the state. Provide for the public health. Regulate commerce within the state. Determine qualifications of voters. Establish a public school system. Provide the public safety. *NOTE* Not all enumerated and reserved powers are listed.

Three things George Washington is said to have been first in?

George Washington was said to have been "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

What three things would be said about you and your life if you died today?

a. I had faith in god. b. I was very srtistic person c. I was happy and always helpful.

How would you use the word contrite in a scentance?

The word contrite means to feel remorse or guilt. Following is an example of the word in a sentence. After she said some things in anger, she was contrite and went to apologize.

How might allowing cameras inside the US Supreme Court chambers affect news coverage of their cases?

If cameras were allowed in there, it would greatly affect their news coverage. Right now, we only know what they want us to know. We have no idea what really goes on in there, who says what, etcetc, because they want to keep things a secret and on a relatively low level. If cameras were in there, we'd know everything said, who said what, why it was said, how others reacted, etc.

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Who said Decay is in all component things?

the Buddah

What is nuclei that has unstable decay known as?

Atomic nuclei that are unstable and decaying are said to be radioactive. Radioactive decay involves alpha, beta and gamma particle emissions.

Why is Radioactive decay is said to be random?

The underlying truth in radioactive decay is that on an individual basis, no unstable atom will have a predictable time until it will decay. We understand and characterize the decay of radionuclides on the basis of statistical analysis. Only by looking at a large number of atoms of a given isotope of a given element and counting the decay events over time can we quantify the decay rate. The term half-life is used to state (based on the statistics) when half of a given quantity of a substance will have undergone radioactive decay. Note that atoms are incredibly tiny things, and even if we have very tiny quantities of a given radioactive material, we'll have huge numbers of atoms of that material in the sample. The larger the number of atoms of material and the longer we count the decay events, the more accurate our half-life value will be. Having said all that, no one can predict when a given atom of any radionuclide will decay. Each is different, and that is the basis for the random nature of nuclear or radioactive decay.

Why is it said radioactive nuclei undergo decay to gain stability?

Each decay releases excess energy from the nucleus, bringing it closer to a stable ground state.

What is a nucleus that is unstable and undergoes decay?

Atomic nuclei that are unstable and decaying are said to be radioactive. Radioactive decay involves alpha, beta and gamma particle emissions.

What are unstable elements that give off energy as they decay called?

The elements described are said to be radioactive.

When was Things She Said created?

Things She Said was created in 1999.

Is an exponential decay function represent a quantity that has a constant halving time?

A quantity is said to be subject to exponential decay if it decreases at a rate proportional to its value. The time required for the decaying quantity to fall to one half of its initial value.Radioactive decay is a good example where the half life is constant over the entire decay time.In non-exponential decay, half life is not constant.

What is the process by which an element slowly decays over time?

It is through radioactive decay that a quantity of an unstable element will decay over time. A material that is unstable will undergo this process, and the sample is said to be radioactive.

In beta decay what is emitted?

Beta- decay involves changing a neutron into a proton, with the emission of a W- boson, said boson then decaying into a electron and an electron antineutrino. Beta+ decay involves changing a proton into a neutron, with the contribution of energy, and then the emission of a positron and an electron neutrino.

When was Things My Father Said created?

Things My Father Said was created in 2008.

Why did Caravaggio paint the basket of fruit?

Possibly Caravaggio simply painted what was available; or possibly it has some meaning along the general lines of 'all things decay'; "This is what the Lord God showed him - a basket of summer fruit. He said, "Amos, what do you see?" And he said, "A basket of summer fruit." Then the Lord God said to him, "The end has come upon my people Israel; I will never again pass them by."