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Q: Who said Politics is show business for ugly people?
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Who said 'politics is just like show business'?

Ronald Reagan

What famous person said Politics is just like show business?

Well it's me

When was Politics Show created?

Politics Show was created in 2003.

What is the duration of Politics Show?

The duration of Politics Show is 3600.0 seconds.

When did Politics Show end?

Politics Show ended on 2011-12-11.

Ask us anythingWhat element of politics today started with the election of 1840?

People's votes show what parties they support.

What elements of politics today started with the elections of 1840?

People's votes show what parties they support.

Who said colo terrorita?

Colo Terrorita is a saying that originated from the television show Wayne's World. Its a phase that a lot of people said on the show.

Who do you get noticed at your hobbie?

show it to people EVERYWHERE. At every talent show you can get to, tell people about it, make business cards or a website or something.

How are people in the society affected by anorexia?

"Statistics show that 99% of people don't like people with anorexia, 2% said people with anorexia are too thin, 17% said that anorexic people have the perfect figure and 80% said that anorexic people are fatties." said Dr Moshimoshi.

They said media is a business. Why media is a business?

Media is a business because in order to print or show media, advertisement is sold. This means that money must exchange hands in order to keep media up and running, making it a business.

Can you show me Sumerian politics?

figure it out.....i had too :'(