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John R. Lott . He is a writer of several books on gun rights and political commentator. Wrote MORE GUNS LESS CRIME

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D. Michael Wiechman, May 14, 1996

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Q: Who said a man with a gun is a citizen a man without a gun is a subject?
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What is the most powerful gun you can have without a permit?

Other than a toy gun or water gun, the next most powerful one a citizen can have without a permit is a "B.B. gun".

Where in the world can you legally buy a gun without being a citizen of that country?

Alomost every gun store

Can you go to a gun range without gun permit?

Sure.they just ask you for you driver licence and they ask you of you are us citizen.

What is the gun show loophole?

It is a meaningless term that sounds good. A dealer, selling firearms at a gun show is subject to the same laws, procedures and recordkeeping he is subject to in his shop. At many shows, a private citizen that has a gun or two they want to sell can do so, subject to the same laws and procedures if they sold their gun at home.

Can a naturalized citizen buy a gun?

Yes. In fact, as a naturalised citizen, I own several, and hold a Federal Firearms Licence. You can actually buy one without being a citizen, as a matter of fact.

Which country can you buy a gun in without being that countries citizen?

Among others, the US. My wife is a British subject that is a permanent resident of the US. She is not a US citizen, but may legally purchase a firearm here. Non- resident aliens may also purchase firearms under certain conditions. ILLEGAL aliens may not.

Can a Mexican citizen own a gun?


Who said One man with a gun can control 100 without one?

This quote is often attributed to Lenin.

What rights does a citizen have in America?

Citizens have the Freedom of Gun

Can a US citizen buy a BB gun in Mexico?


What country has the biggest gun to citizen ratio?


What are the release dates for Adam-12 - 1968 Citizen with a Gun 7-17?

Adam-12 - 1968 Citizen with a Gun 7-17 was released on: USA: 4 March 1975