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A black girl named phoebe.

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Q: Who saved George Washington from being poisoned?
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What was the name of the 13 year old black girl who saved George Washington?

Phoebe Fraunces

Was George Washington shot and saved by bullets hitting two coins in his pocket?

No when he received the rarely shot it was a direct hit.

Are there photos of George Washington?

George Washington died in 1799, several decades before the first practical systems for photography were invented, so there are no photographs of him. there are painted photographs though and they are still here today. i have a question now. dolly Madison saved the famous portrait of George Washington. where is that photo today and what are some facts about her saving it? i have this potus project and it is due tommorrow. its 5 pages long and i have 4 and a half if you could help me that would be nice. thanks

Why was dolley Madison important?

Dolley Madison did quite a bit... She was the first lady to both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison ( Madison was her actual husband, she took the place of Jefferson's wife because she was ill). She had a portrait of George Washington and her husbands most important papers before the White House was burned to the ground. Dolley had a honorary seat in congress and also had the honor of being the first provate citizen to transmit a message via. telegraph!

How did George washngington change the world?

Washington was truly the father of his country (i.e. the USA). As a champion of liberty and freedom fighter , was and is, an inspiration to oppressed people all over the world. The US Constitution which Washington helped set up was a truly revolutionary idea when it was adopted and had been a model for constitutional government since. The US which really began and took shape under Washington has become a world power and had world-wide influence since its existence.

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Did George Washington get saved by a watch?

All I know is that he was saved by Henry Miller.

Did George Washington saved people?

yes I believe he did :-)

Who saved George Washington in the war?

Type your answer here... hamilton

Who acted quickliy to save government papers and a portrait of George Washington?

It was deemed that George Washington's wife, Martha Washington, was the person who saved most of the government papers and a portrait of George Washington.

Did Dolley Madison really save George Washington?

No, He saved somthing from him. not him

What was saved from the White House after the British invaded it?

Painting of George Washington.

Was it George Washington's victory over the british that saved James forten?


Was it George Washington's victory over British that saved James forten?


Who is portrait did Dolley Madison saved from the hands of the British?

George Washington

Who saved Gilbert Stuart's 1797 picture of George Washington?

dolly Madison

Was art saved from the 1814 White House fire?

The portrait of George Washington.

How do we benefit today from dolley madison?

She saved a famous painting of George Washington. And saved a whole bunch of important documents.