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Luis Unzaga Y Amezaga

until 1776, Bernardo de Galvez until 1785

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Bernardo de Galvez

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Bernardo de Galves

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Q: Who served as the Louisiana spanish governor during the American revolution?
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Why was Bernardo de Gรกlvez in the war of independence?

Bernardo de Galves was the Spanish governor of Louisiana Who aided the Americans in the American Revolution

Who was the governor of Louisiana that secretly sent aids to the Americas?

Bernardo de Galvez was the Spanish governor of Louisiana that aided the American colonies during the Revolutionary War.

Bernardo de Galvez was what and an what of the American colonies?

He was a viscount and Spanish military officer and colonial administrator. He served as colonial governor of Louisiana and Cuba. Later, he was viceroy of New Spain. In the American revolution he helped the 13 colonies and was the post commandant of Spanish troops in Louisiana with the rank of colonial. Spain secretly supplied help to the revolution under the leadership of Galvez.

What did bernardo de galvez have to do with the american revolution?

he was the spanish governer of louisiana and aided the americans.

Who was the Spanish governor of Louisiana?

Bernardo Galvez

American governor of Philippines during the Spanish American War?

William Howard Taft was the first US Civil Governor of the Philippines, but he got that appointment AFTER the Spanish-American War. There was no American governor f the Philippines during the Spanish-American War because until the war was over the Philippines were a Spanish possession and had a Spanish governor.

Who was the spanish governor of Louisiana who sent money rifles and supplies to American troops?

It was the lovely man named: DOYOURHOMEWORK WITHOUTCHEATING. best of luck, Gavin Coates

What are two challenges governor Claiborne faced?

Governor Claiborne faced challenges in maintaining control over the diverse population of Louisiana, which included French, Spanish, and American settlers with conflicting interests. Additionally, he struggled with the territorial boundaries of Louisiana, which were vague and subject to disputed claims by other nations.

Who was the first proprietor governor of Louisiana?

* The first Governor of New France was Sauvole de la Villantry. * The first Spanish Governor was Antonio de Ulloa. * The first French Governor after Spain's cessesstion back to France was Pierre de Laussat. * The First US Governor of Louisiana Territory was William Claiborne. * The First Governor of the US State of Louisiana was William Claiborne. * The First Governor of Confederat Louisiana was Thomas Overton Moore. * The First Governor of Union held Louisiana. * The First Governor during Reconstruction was James Wells. * The First Governor after Reconstruction was Henry Warmoth.

Spain and the governor of spanish Louisiana supplied secret aid and helped attack british forts along the what?


Who was the Spanish governor of Louisiana who attacked the British in Florida and the lower Mississippi river area?

Bernardo de Galvez

What governor of the Philippines later became president US?

William Howard Taft was the military governor of the Philippines soon after the US occupied them as a result of the Spanish-American war.