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The 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence were: Delaware

• George Read

• Caesar Rodney

• Thomas McKean


• George Clymer

Benjamin Franklin

• Robert Morris

• John Morton

• Benjamin Rush

• George Ross

• James Smith

• James Wilson

• George Taylor


•John Adams

• Samuel Adams

• John Hancock

• Robert Treat Paine

• Elbridge Gerry

New Hampshire

• Josiah Bartlett

• William Whipple

• Matthew Thornton

Rhode Island

• Stephen Hopkins

• William Ellery

New York

• Lewis Morris

• Philip Livingston

• Francis Lewis

• William Floyd


• Button Gwinnett

• Lyman Hall

• George Walton


• Richard Henry Lee

• Francis Lightfoot Lee

• Carter Braxton

Benjamin Harrison

Thomas Jefferson

• George Wythe

• Thomas Nelson, Jr.

North Carolina

• William Hooper

• John Penn

• Joseph Hewes

South Carolina

• Edward Rutledge

• Arthur Middleton

• Thomas Lynch, Jr.

• Thomas Heyward, Jr.

New Jersey

• Abraham Clark

• John Hart

• Francis Hopkinson

• Richard Stockton

• John Witherspoon


• Samuel Huntington

• Roger Sherman

• William Williams

• Oliver Wolcott


• Charles Carroll

• Samuel Chase

• Thomas Stone

• William Paca

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Q: Who signed the US Declaration of Independence?
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When was the delication of independence signed?

the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 ussually it is said July4, but that was just when the last person signed it

Representatives signed the Declaration of Independence?

There were 56 representatives who signed the Declaration of Independence.

How was the Declaration of Independence signed?

It was signed by members of the US Senate using a quill and ink.

What historic document was signed in 1776 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia US?

declaration of independence

Did Abraham Lincoln sign the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?

Abraham Lincoln did not sign The Declaration of Independence. It was signed in 1776 and the US Constitution was signed in 1787, before Lincoln was born (1809).

How did Benjamin Franklin Chang history?

he signed the Declaration of Independence

Why the Fourth of July significant?

Day the declaration of independence was signed in the US

How many people signed the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?


Who signed Declaration of Independence of India?

Purna Swaraj was the person who signed the declaration of independence of India.

Signing of Declaration of Independence?

The Signing of the Declaration of Independence was a very important date in US history. It was not signed on the 4th of July, but on the 1st of July in 1776. Eight of the 56 signers were British.

The Declaration of Independence was signed in which year-?

The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia on July 2, 1776.

Who were the four people who signed the declaration of independence?

44 signed the Declaration.