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The founders of the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation are Gino Gustavo Colon aka ''Lord Gino'' & Raul Gonzalez aka ''Baby King''.

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a bunch of Hispanics in 1940 in Chicago. but the founder in New York is king blood

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Lord Gino, In Chicago Illinois in the early 1920's

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Q: Who started the Latin kings?
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Who started Latin Kings?

king felipe aka king blood

Why do Latin Counts fight with Latin Kings?

The Latin Kings and the Latin Counts are both under the People Nation, but they still war with one another because it started over an incident where a Latin King accidentally killed a Latin Count at a party and it got worse from there.

Where did the latin kings start?

They starded in chicago not in new york

Are the Latin kings crips?

the latin kings are rivals with the crips,they are allied with the bloods and people nation.crips are allied with the folk nation.folk means free of latin kings.the latin kings in California are NOT surenos...that is a rumor.the latin kings are ok with ms13 but other then that they don't like the surenos or the crips...the latin kings ally with the bloods.down in southern California its the latin kings and bloods agenst the crips and surenos.if the latin kings WERE affiliated with the surenos then there would be alot of conflict between the BPK brown pride kings(A.L.K.Q.N)in California and these....sureno latin kings...this is a simple rumor people make up but YES there are surenos that rep latin kings...which they have no clue what they are doing.crips and latin kings don't like each other

Are latin kings different from kings?

The Latin Kings are a Hispanic street gang, doesn't really matter if u say Kings or Latin Kings, either way it's a street gang.

Who the first leadr in latin kings?

Lord Gino was the 1st leader of the Latin kings in Chicago

When was The Original Latin Kings of Comedy created?

The Original Latin Kings of Comedy was created in 2002.

What percentage of the Latin Kings are Mexican?

The majority of Latin kings in Chicago are Mexican, and the majority of Latin kings in New York are Puerto Rican.

What is the duration of The Original Latin Kings of Comedy?

The duration of The Original Latin Kings of Comedy is 1.43 hours.

How do you stack latin kings steps?

stacking is to show the commitment in the latin kings. if you want to know the show you on youtube just search Latin Kings stacking and there will be one called "Latin Kings" with a guy wearing Black and Gold he's gonna go slow at first and then do it again faster.

Can blacks be Latin kings?

yes African Americans be Latin kings. if you watch the music video "black and yellow" by wiz khalifa they're are black people in this video and they are singing about cars and Latin kings!!

What do the 5 dots in Latin kings stand for?

it's only for real kings from ny latin king knows this.