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Officially such a thing as the British empire never existed. It was just a term given to the various collection of areas Britain dominated.

The only actual 'real' empire Britain got involved in was India, the Indian Empire being founded in 1858.

The first English colonies and so the British empire as it is commonly known were founded in the late 16th/early 17th century but most of these early attempts failed. The first permanent and lasting colony was Jamestown in 1607. So that's as good a date as any....

However these were just English colonies, Britain itself wasn't founded until 1707.

So there's your answer there. 1707.

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If any one person started the British Empire, it was likely Henry VII and his daughter Elizabeth I. They began having colonies claimed as more ships began leaving their harbors.

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Q: Who started the british empire?
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Who started the imperialism?

The British started the imperialism back in the 1880's.It started when the British had 25% of the empire.

What is Britain empire called?

It was known as the British Empire. When the empire started to fall apart, the British Commonwealth/Commonwealth of Nations was created.

How did the breakup of the ottoman empire?

it started to break up when the british empire signed a mandate over palestine

How did the Romans destroy the British empire?

Lol? The Romans were WAY before the British Empire! They didn't destroy it, the British were forced to retreat from several countries, and as such simply started to allow the others to leave the Empire, as they couldn't fight all the countries.

When did modern period begin in India?

Roughly around 17th century when Mughal empire started to decline and British Empire started to rise. answered by Prerna, Dps Manali

What were the Commonwealth Games known as in 1930?

The Commonwealth Games were known as the British Empire Games in 1930.

What happend in the British empire?

It changed its name to the British Commonwealth in 1931 and started to disintegrate from 1947 onwards as the various countries demanded independence.

What is meant by the British commonwealth?

The 50 plus countries that were originally part of the British Empire, started to become independent from the late 1940's onwards and then became known as the British Commonwealth. That term is now obsolete and they are now known as the Commonwealth of Nations.

What did the british empire get from hong kong?

They created Hong Kong. Before the British started to build Hong Kong it was a barren island.

Who is queen of the British Empire?

The British Empire does not exist anymore.

What is the history of commonwealth games?

Commonwealth games started back in the year 1930. It is also known as the British Empire Games.

When did the destruction of the British empire begin?

it started with the end of the slave triangle, products to Africa ,slaves to America ,then cotton to Britain