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Patrick Henry.

The Continental Congress, samual Adams being the most fervent supporter

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Q: Who told colonists to separate and fight?
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Who won the fight between the colonists and the British?

the colonists did

What famous colonists inspired colonists to fight for freedom with his speeches?

The answer is that Mercy Otis Warren inspired colonists to fight for freedom with his speeches.I AM RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the author purpose in Common Sense?

To convince the colonists to fight for independence

Why did the colonists fight of british?

The British were taxing the colonists without representation in Parliament.

What describes the attitude of the british toward American colonists?

Colonists were a people separate from Britain. For Apex.

Who did the colonists fight in the Revolutionary War?


What did the colonists fight to win independence?


Why did the colonists fight the American Revolution?


Did Spain fight on the side of the colonists in the Revolutionary War?

they helped the colonists (bernado de galvez)

How much did the continental congress pay the colonists to fight in the war?

100 doolars to fight with them

What did we fight during the revolutionary war?

If you are talking about America, then Great Britain. Great Britain told the Americans that they were the "mother country" and the colonists were "children". The colonists soon grew tired of being "children" and having their "mother" tax them on goods, as well as freedoms. So they decided to revolt.

What country did the colonists fight to win independence?