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The counsel for the parties to the suit.

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Q: Who usually attends the hearing for the demurrer to be heard by the court?
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How much time do you have to answer a demurrer?

A demurrer is an answer itself. A demurrer admits the facts of your opponent's allegations, but disagrees with your opponent's conclusions based on those facts. A demurrer can offer its own conclusions, or remain silent. If your question is really about time frames for responsive pleadings and not the archaic term "demurrer," search-engine "court rules" for the court in which your case is being litigated.

What is a omnibus filing in court?

The court system has many different types of hearing including an omnibus. This type of hearing and filing is usually part of the pretrial hearing.

Is a court case the same as a court hearing?

If there is a court hearing it is because there is an unresoved court case to be heard.

The first hearing of most Federal cases is usually heard in a?

The U.S. District Courts since that court is the main trial court.

What does the term other hearing mean in court?

what does the term "other hearing" mean in the court of law

What is OSC court hearing?

It is an Order to Show Cause hearing.

What happens if the attorney leaves right before the court hearing to attend to something else?

Usually things are simply rescheduled.

Where do I get my transcript from my preliminary hearing?

The transcript can usually be gotten at the court house by the clerks office. Your attorney should be able to get a copy.

What is court order?

They are usually associated with a divorce or child support hearing. The court requires that the subject pay specific amounts at specific times. Failure to do so can result in jail for contempt.

What the result of the court hearing?


What was the results of the court hearing?


What is a merit hearing in a divorce case?

A formal court hearing, conducted under the rules of evidence, to decide the disputed issues filed in the complaint or summons. Usually matters arising are child custody, visitations.