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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who wanted to preserve the union at all cost?
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Why was the constitution supposed to do for the 13 states?

It was important that all 13 states ratify the Constitution so that they could establish and preserve national unity.

What was lincolns message in the Gettysburg address?

President Lincoln's main message was to raise the morale of the soldiers fighting the civil war and honor the deceased soldiers of the Union. With this message, he urged the soldiers of the Union to keep strong, and to strive for victory. While speaking of the soldiers' bravery, Lincoln was actually speaking to the entire nation, both North and South. His words beckoned the American people to preserve the nation that had been created "four score and seven years ago...". He wanted all of the American people to realize that preserving the Union would be a difficult task, but in honor of the men who fought and died there this should be done.

Why did president Lincoln insist the war was not about slavery or black rights but instead a war to preserve the union?

The Divided States of America?The term "union" implies "joined together', If the south (the Confederate States) had successfully seceded from the union, (and become a separate nation within the US), the United States would not be indivisible. What makes us strong is what our name implies, UNITY. The only way to maintain the union was for all the states to remain united. Otherwise, we would now be living in the "Divided States" with the core of the country owning slaves. A house divided cannot stand (as at its middle it is weak) and niether can The United States of America.One of Lincoln's arguments is that the United States Constitution contains no provision for the secession of a state from the union that the Constitution establishes. However, what the People have established (The Constitution) the People can change. One wonders if the Confederate States could have succeeded if they had tried for a Constitutional amendment establishing a procedure for secession.

What was wrong with the union?

whats wrong with the union in 17500s <><><> Well, if you mean the 1750s- there WAS no Union- we were all still colonies of Great Britain until 1776.

Why was it important that all 13 states ratify the Constitution?

It was important that all 13 states ratify the Constitution so that they could establish and preserve national unity.

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What was the original goal of the union?

The original goal of the union was to preserve the union at all cost.

What was the goals of the unions?

The original goal of the union was to preserve the union at all cost.

What are the Union's aims in the Civil War?

To preserve the union,to restore all of the states to one government, was the official objective.

Why did the southern leave the union?

They wanted their own country. The wanted the Confederacy of America. The UNion didn't. Also, the Union didn't think that slavery was all too hot.

Did Abraham Lincoln see the abolition of slavery as the major goal of the Civil War?

No. Lincoln detested slavery, but did nothing about it; his sole goal was to preserve the union. He believed that ANYTHING that would preserve the union and prevent the confederacy from seceding was proper to do. Lincoln himself wrote that if he could preserve the union by freeing all the slaves, he would do so; if he could preserve the union by not freeing ANY slaves he would do so, and that if he could preserve the union by freeing some slaves and not freeing others, he would do THAT. Which is what he did. The Emancipation Proclamation freed only the slaves within the Confederacy; it did not free any slaves within the areas controlled by the North.

Does the emancipation proclamation make Lincoln an abolitionist?

Not really, no.Lincoln's sympathies definitely lay in that direction, but he was more concerned with preserving the Union. He once wrote that if he could preserve the Union without freeing a single slave, he would do that, and if he could preserve it by freeing all of them, then he would do that, and if he could preserve it by freeing some and not freeing others, then he would do that.

What did Lincoln state as his main goal in the Gettyburg Address?

all men are created equal, eqaulity and liberty. continue to fight for the cause of those who are dead. preserve the freedom. ending slavery

In 1860 and 1861 seven southern states seceded from the Union in protest of the what?

They succeeded in protest of the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 because he was an abolitionist (anti-slavery) and they where afraid he would abolish (get ride of) slavery in all states. A: Lincoln was not an abolitionist he just wanted to preserve the union. Actually in 1860-1861 eleven Southern states joined the Confederacy.

Was slavery one of the reasons for the civil war?

No all the South wanted to do was to protect their way of life and the North wanted to stay a Union.

What did cooperationsts want?

They wanted to split from the Union, but only in cooperation with all the other Southern States.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wanted at all Cost - 2004?

The cast of Wanted at all Cost - 2004 includes: Gloria Anozie Francis Duru Nnamdi Igweonu Antar Laniyan Saint Obi

What general had the chance to lead the union army before he joined the confederacy?

Robert E. Lee. Lee was actually reluctant to lead the Confederate forces, but agreed to because he wanted at all cost to protect his beloved Virginia.