Who was Alaska bought from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Alaska was bought from the Russians on January 3, 1959. kids shows aren't just stupid and entertaining .

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Q: Who was Alaska bought from?
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What emperor of Russia bought Alaska?

hirohito bought Alaska

How did US purchase Alaska?

they bought alaska from russia

From what country was the state of Alaska puchased?

They bought Alaska from Russia.

Who annexed Alaska?

The United States bought Alaska from Russia.

When did the us gain control over Alaska?

It bought Alaska in 1867.

Did Canada sell Alaska in 1962?

No, Alaska was bought from Russia in 1867

From what country did US buy Alaska?

Alaska was bought from Russia.

Which state was bought from Russia?


What country claimed Alaska before the US bought it?

Alaska was originally colonized by Russia. I hope this helped!!!!!!=)

How was Alaska paid for when bought from Russia?


Alaska was bought by who in 1867?

Alaska was purchased from the Russians for 7.2 million dollars in 1867.

What was the premir in russia whe the us bought Alaska?

Alexander II was the premir of russia,the date that Alaska was bought was March 30 1867 by the us.