Who was Baron von Stuben?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was a Prussian army officer who trained and schooled the American army.

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Q: Who was Baron von Stuben?
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What is Frederich Von Steuben nickname?

The Red Baron.

Who was George Washington friends in war?

von stuben

What did marquis de Lafayette and baron von stuben provide during the American revolution?

mariquis helped George Washington with the equipment and good however baron helped with training the soldiers and win several of the battles including the one of yorkstown.

Who turned the American army into a disciplined army during the American Revolution?

George Washington was in charge but he had help from Casimir Pulaski, Baron Friedrich von Stuben and the Marquis de Lafayette.

What happened at Valley Forge in the American revolution?

the continental army was sick and tired, for they had little food and clothes, and not much warmth. They were joined by Lafayette and Baron von Stuben, European military commanders.

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who is Baron Von loof lirpa

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When was Baron von Lind born?

Baron von Lind was born in 1937.

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When did Baron von Ludwig die?

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