Who was Devdas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Devadas is the name of a book that was written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The book was published on June 30, 1917.

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Q: Who was Devdas?
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When was Devdas Gandhi born?

Devdas Gandhi was born in 1900.

When was Devdas Chhotray born?

Devdas Chhotray was born in 1955.

When was Devdas created?

Devdas was created on 1917-06-30.

When was Devdas Apte born?

Devdas Apte was born in 1934.

When was Dilip Kumar starring Bollywood film Devdas released?

Dilip Kumar starring 'Devdas' was released in 1955.

How much earn shah rukh khan in his Devdas movie?

How much earn shah rukh khan in his Devdas movie

Is aish a bengali in devdas?

Yes.She is.

Who was father of shahrukh khan in devdas movie?

Vijay Crishna played the role of father in Devdas. The father was of Shah Rukh Khan. Devdas is one of the epic movies in the history.

What about Parvati and chandramukhi after death of devdas?

Its funny that you asked this question as I am currently producing a musical 'Devdas the musical' in Sydney where I am trying to answer this question. In the original novel there is no mention about the women after his death .However in the movies paro is shown as dead along with devdas. In my musical chandramukhi sPends the rest of her life alone serving the needy and remembering Devdas

What were Gandhi's kids names?

Gandhi had four sons. Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas

Who composed the music of Bollywood film Devdas released in 1955?

S. D. Burman was the music composer of 'Devdas' released in 1955.

Who was the director of Dilip Kumar starring Bollywood film Devdas?

Bimal Roy was the director of Dilip Kumar starring film Devdas.