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Lawrence Washington... he was, the uncle of our country.

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George Washington had a total of four brothers. His brothers names were Lawrence, John Augustine, Charles, and Samuel Washington.

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Q: Who was George Washington's brother?
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When was George Washington's brother born?

when was george WAshingtons brothers and sisters born

Who is George Washingtons's brother?

Lawrence Washington and died of tuberculosis

Does George Washingtons have a brother?

Yes, his name is James Carver.

How many people are in george Washingtons family?

mother and father, George and an older brother.

George Washingtons early military experience came on an expedition to?

his father, brother and his fathers friends were teaching him

What is George Washingtons brother name?

George Washington has four brothers. They are named Charles, Samuel, John and Lawrence Washington. George Washington was the first President of the United States.

What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

Did Tuberculosis affect the US?

Yes it did. George Washingtons elder half-brother died of it. He may never have been president of America otherwise.

Is George Washingtons single?

No, George Washington is not single.

What is George Washingtons's full name?

George Washington.

Who were George Washingtons relitives?

George Washingtons dad was Augustine Washington and his second wife which is his mother is Mary Ball Washington.

who is George Washingtons uncle?

Washington's mother had a brother named William Ball. And the reason I know about that one is because I am one of William Ball descendants.