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George Washington's idol must of been Lawrence his step-brother. He was 14 years older than George and was gone to school in England when George was a little boy. When he returned home after serving time in the British Army he was very attentive to George. He spent a great deal of time with him at Lawrence's home Mount Vernon. He would tell George his personal battle stories. George longed for adventure and Lawrence got him a commission when he was a teenager in the British Navy. When George's mother heard of it she was furious. He did not join the navy. He longed to travel and experience life on the battlefield. He accompanied Lawrence to Barbados to hopefully cure Lawrence of his long-time illness. Lawrence died of tuberculosis when George was 20 years-old. In many ways, Lawrence was a father figure for George since his father died when he was 11 years-old. Lawrence's influence was great upon George because he helped encourage George to full-fill his dream of being a soldier. This dream lead him to become the Commander in Chief of the 13 colonies to win the revolutionary war with the British. Perhaps, Lawrence should be one of our idols too?

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Q: Who was George Washington's idol?
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