Who was Joseph brant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he was a brave person

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Q: Who was Joseph brant?
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How did Joseph brant die?

He died 1807.Also:Joseph Brant died in his house at the head of Lake Ontario on November 24, 1807.

Why was Joseph brant remain loyal to the Britain?

its on page sop tryin to copy off the internet

Who was joesph brant?

who is joesph brant

What are facts about chief Joseph brant?

Brant, Joseph, 1742-1807, chief of the Mohawk. His Mohawk name is usually rendered as Thayendanegea. He served under Sir William Johnson in the French and Indian War, and Johnson sent him (1761) to Eleazar Wheelock's school for Native Americans in Lebanon, Conn. Brant served (1763) under Johnson again in Pontiac's Rebellion. In the American Revolution he did much to bind the indigenous people to the British and Loyalist side. He fought (1777) at Oriskany in the Saratoga campaign. In 1778, leading the Native American forces, he joined Walter Butler, and together they raided Cherry Valley, where they massacred the defenseless inhabitants. He was an able leader in other raids. After the Revolution, failing to get a settlement of the Native American land question in the United States, he got lands and subsidies for his people in Canada around the present Brantford, Ont. A zealous Christian, he preached Christianity, translating the Book of Common Prayer and the Gospel of Mark into the Mohawk language.

Who were some of the Indians?

Some of the most famous Indians or Native Americans include: Sherman Alexie Black Elk Joseph Brant Ben nighthorse Campbell Dr. Charles Eastman Geronimo Ira Hayes Billy Mills N. Scott Momaday Ely S. Parker Pushmataha Squanto Tecumseh Jim Thorpe Russell Means Robin Maxkii Maria Tallcheif Chris Eska Wilma Mankiller Dennis Banks Leonard Peltier

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When was Joseph Brant Arseneau born?

Joseph Brant Arseneau was born in 1967.

When was Chief Joseph Brant born?

Chief Joseph Brant was born in March 1743.

Who translated portions of the Bible into the Mohawk Language?

Joseph Brant was a famous Mohawk chief He later helped translate parts of the Bible and Anglican prayer book in to the Mohawk Language.

What school did Joseph brant go to?

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When was Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital created?

Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital was created in 1961.

Did Joseph Brant go to school?

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What race was Joseph Brant?


Did Joseph Brant have kides?

No he did not have no kids

What did Joseph Brant do when he was a kid?


What is the address of the Joseph Brant Museum?

The Joseph Brant Museum is found in burlington Ontario, 1240 north shore boulavard east

Does Joseph Brant have any brothers or sisters?

yes he had a sister named Molly Brant

Who was Joseph Brant's Father and mother?

His father named Brant Canagaraduncka and his mother named Margaret