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William Darragh

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Q: Who was Lydia darragh's husband?
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What is a fact about Lydia darraghs dad?

That he worked as a stable boy

How did Lydia darragh husband die?

died of a heart atack

What was Lydia darragh husbands name?

Her husband's name William Darragh

Did Lydia Darragh have a mother?

No one really knows if Lydia Darragh has a mother. Though it is believed that a mother to hers existed. Lydia had other siblings that had to have come from a mother. Lydia and her father always spent time together. Then came Lydia's husband named William Darragh. From then on Lydia's last name was no longer Barrington. Back to the mother thing Ibelieve that Lydia Darragh did have a mother but passed away when Lydia was born or even before Lydia was born.

Was Lydia remorseful about her elopement with george wickham?

No. She was proud of securing such a well liked husband.

When did Lydia Darragh's husband die?

He died at age 64 on June 8, 1783.

Why does yeye think it is unfortunate that Lydia and her husband returned to tianjin Chinese Cinderella?

because he is the prince,her husband will not be able to simply abandon her and their children the lower-class husband.

Lydia Darragh job?

She is a SPY FOR THE PATRIOTS!But her husband (Willam) Does not know of this job.It is kept only to the army and herself.

What were Lydia darragh's kids names?

Her husband's name was William Darragh, And her kids were, Charles, Ann, John, William and Susannah.

What is correct use of verb -Lydia and family are or Lydia and family is?

Lydia is...Lydia and family are...

How do you say my name is Lydia in Ireland?

Is é mo ainm Lydia (my name is Lydia) PS:my name is lydia:)

What does Lydia mean in french?


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