Who was Mr Matlack?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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an official scribe for the Declaration of Independence

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Q: Who was Mr Matlack?
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What is the birth name of Jon Matlack?

Jon Matlack's birth name is Jonathan Trumpbour Matlack.

When was Timothy Matlack born?

Timothy Matlack was born in 1730.

When did White Matlack die?

White Matlack died in 1824.

When was White Matlack born?

White Matlack was born in 1745.

How tall is Jon Matlack?

Jon Matlack is 6' 3".

When did Timothy Matlack die?

Timothy Matlack died in 1829.

What nicknames does Jon Matlack go by?

Jon Matlack goes by JT.

When did Benjamin Matlack Everhart die?

Benjamin Matlack Everhart died in 1904.

When was Benjamin Matlack Everhart born?

Benjamin Matlack Everhart was born in 1818.

When was Enoch Matlack House created?

Enoch Matlack House was created in 1872.

Who was the scribe for the declaration of independence?

Timothy matlack was indeed the scribe of the conenental congress.

When was Jon Matlack born?

Jon Matlack was born on January 19, 1950, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.