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The Secretary of War under Ulysses S. Grant, who became embroiled in a scandal was William W. Belknap. Belknap was found to have accepted bribes from companies that were licensed to trade on Native American reservations. He resigned and was replaced by Alphonso Taft.

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Q: Who was Secretary of War under Grant who became involved in a scandal?
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Secretary of War under Grant who became involved in a scandal?

William W. Belknap

Disclosures about the whiskey ring were embarrassing to the grant administration because they revealed that?

President Grant's personal secretary was involved in the scandal. :]

What were two scandals that affected the Grant Presidency?

One scandal was the Whiskey Ring scandal which involved distillers avoiding the payment of taxes. Another scandal was the New York custom house ring.

Was Nixon the first president to be involved ina scandal?

No there were several before him including Harding's infamous teapot dome scandal and Grant's whiskey ring. Idk who was first.

Who is the worst financial president the US has had?

The US does not have a financial president. The US Congress levies the taxes , determines what money is to be borrowed, sets the budget and approves all expenditures. The Secretary of the Treasury oversees the execution of the edicts of Congress. William A. Richardson, treasury secretary under Grant was forced to resign when one of his appointees was involved in a scandal- he may have been the worst secretary of treasury.

Who was president during the Whiskey Ring Scandal?

Ulysses S. Grant was the president of the US when The Whiskey Ring Scandal of 1875 was exposed.

One of the major political scandals of the Grant presidency involved?

The first big scandal was the Black Friday Gold Panic of 1869 in which Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to corner the gold market and manipulate the price of gold to their benefit and the ruination of the national economy. Abel Corbin who was married to the sister of Mrs. Grant was involved and he may have "invested" some money from Mrs. Grant in the complicated scheme. Grant met Gould and Fisk at Corbin's house and they tried to get him to help them or at least not interfere. Grant eventually became suspicious and alerted his treasury secretary. The plot was foiled but not before great harm was done . The related link gives more information about this and the other scandals tied to the Grant administration.

What personal problem did Ulysses S. Grant have?

He was drunk a majority of the time and he was involved in alcohol smuggling scandals, known as the "whiskey ring." He pardoned several of his friends that were involved in the scandal.

When President Grant was in term in office what was the most serious scandal?

Whiskey Ring Scandal

The Whiskey Ring and Crdit Mobilier scandals involved which presidents?

The Whiskey Ring and the Credit Mobilier scandal was only under the President Ulysses S. Grant.

Who was president during the whisky ring scandal?

Ulysses S. Grant was President in 1875 when the Whiskey Ring Scandal was exposed.

What was the Trading Post Ring Scandal?

The Trading Post Ring was a scandal during the Grant administration, in 1870. Right after the Whiskey ring, Grant had no time to recover before this new scandal erupted involving his Secretary of War, William Belknap. In 1870, Native American trading posts were generating a high profit, but to the expense of the Natives. Belknap and his wife found a way to fund a private trading post that generated profits for them, and not for the country. During the investigation, Grant found out, and when he and Belknap were scheduled to have a meeting, Belknap announced his resignation.