Who was Thaddeus Kosciusko?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kosciusko was an excellent Polish military engineer who trained the soldiers of the colonial army.

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Q: Who was Thaddeus Kosciusko?
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When was Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge created?

Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge was created in 1959.

What did Thaddeus Kosciusko do after the war?

Thaddeus Kosciusko was a polish British army officer. he lost all 6,000 of his men and fought by himself.

What is a patriot fighter?

Thaddeus Kosciusko

What did Thaddeus Kosciusko do after the Revolutionary War?

he shot himself

Who was the Polish engineer that helped the Continental Army?

Thaddeus Kosciusko

Where did Thaddeus Kosciusko come from?

His actual name is Jared BAdger

Who was the leaders of the battle of saratoga?

Benedict Arnold and Thaddeus Kosciusko

What did Thaddeus Kosciusko do?

he was an engineer and he helped build forts and other defenses

Thaddeus Kosciusko why did he join the military?

He wanted to escape the poor life he had to live.

What foreigners served in the Revolutionary War?

i belive it was king Lois xvi who helped, and thaddeus kosciusko

Who were the polish military aid during the revolution war?

lolz NEW RESPONDENT Thaddeus Kosciusko.

Which European soldier planned fortifications at West Point and other strategic places?

Thaddeus Kosciusko