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John Adams succeeded the first president and so became the second president.

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Q: Who was The First President's Successor?
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Who was muhammads successor?

Muhammad's first successor was Abu Bakr. Bakr was the first caliph.

What is the vice presidents role as successor for the president?

If the president is no longer able to be president the vice president steps in and becomes president.

Who could be the best successor to replace Benigno Noynoy Aquino in the next Presidential elections?

it could be anybody that we could trust.those who are running for presidents should be nice to people.REMNDER FOR THE VOTERS:pick carefully in presidents

Who was the first successor of Augustus?


Who was the first presidents of UT?

who "were" the first presidents of UT? john dough

Who was the first caliph or successor to Muhmmad?

Abu Bakr

Who were the first two US presidents?

George Washington and John Adams were the first two US presidents.

Did they have presidents during slavery?

yes our first 4 presidents had slaves

Which presidents did not attend their successor's inauguration?

There are at least two: John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

Do presidents have to have a first lady?


Who was first's successor as house majority leader?

Harry Reid

Is living out of town a valid reason for the successor trustee to have the second successor trustee to act in their place?

It depends on the provisions of the trust. If the trust provides that the trustee in office can delegate their authority the procedure for doing so must be followed. A second "successor trustee" doesn't take office until the first successor trustee can no longer act. While the first successor trustee is in office the second named successor has no power. You need to review the trust with an attorney in order to understand its terms and the powers of the trustee.