Who was William Howe?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Genral Howe was a British General who had commanding control over Philidelphia during 1777 during the rvolutionary war. Later in the year his job as commanding General was taken by another British General known as General Henry Clinton.

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Q: Who was William Howe?
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William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe

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William Howe's wife is Charlotte

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William Howe Crane died in 1926.

What has the author Frank William Howe written?

Frank William Howe has written: 'Howe's handbook of parliamentary usage'

Did William Howe help America?

William Howe helped the British.

When was William Howe DeLancey born?

William Howe DeLancey was born in 1778.

When was William Howe Windham born?

William Howe Windham was born in 1802.

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William Howe Crane died in 1926.

When was William Howe Crane born?

William Howe Crane was born in 1854.

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William Henry Howe was born in 1846.

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