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He was the first person of African ancestry whose birth in a British North American colony is recorded.

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Q: Who was William Tucker of Jamestown?
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Where was William tucker the first African American born at?

He was born on a plantation in Jamestown, VA.

What was the name of the first African American baby born in the new world?

William Tucker was the first African American baby born in the new world in 1624 in Jamestown,Virginia.The parents were of William Tucker Antoney and Isabella.William Tucker should have been referred to as African American.

Who were the parents of the first African American William Tucker?

Their names were Anthony and Isabella. They came to Virginia in 1619 and were sold at Fort Monroe to Captain William Tucker (who they named their son after). They got married in 1624 and had William baptized on January 3rd, 1624 in Jamestown.

What English colony was William tucker the first African American baby born in the new world born in?

Jamestown i think :)

What nicknames does William Thomas Tucker go by?

William Thomas Tucker goes by Bill Tucker.

The first African American baby born in the colonies?

Agustin, son of slaves Agustin and Francisca, was the first documented African-American, born in St. Augustine in 1606 (before Jamestown was even founded). Others have answered William Tucker (born free in Jamestown in 1923) which ignores the fact that the British colonies were preceded on American soil by Spanish colonies.

When was William G. Tucker born?

William G. Tucker was born in 1935.

When was William Sansome Tucker born?

William Sansome Tucker was born in 1877.

When did William Ellis Tucker die?

William Ellis Tucker died in 1832.

Who are William tucker parents?

Anthony and Isabella. (They only had first names. The Tucker for William was added after they were bought in Fort Monroe by Captain William Tucker.)

When was William Jewett Tucker born?

William Jewett Tucker was born on 1839-07-13.

When did William Jewett Tucker die?

William Jewett Tucker died on 1926-09-29.