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Anne Coleman was the fiancee of James Buchanan. She broke off the engagement and Buchanan never married.

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Q: Who was a president and was engaged to Ann Coleman?
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Was James Buchanan the only president to never marry?

No. He was, however, briefly engaged to Ann Coleman in 1819.

Who was James Buchanan engaged to?

In 1819, Buchanan was engaged to Ann Caroline Coleman, the daughter of wealthy iron manufacturing businessman Robert Coleman.

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Who was Priesident Butchmans First Lady?

President James Buchanan has been the only bachelor to serve as the President of the United States. He had been engaged to Ann Caroline Coleman, the daughter of a wealthy iron manufacturing businessman and sister-in-law of Philadelphia judge Joseph Hemphill, one of Buchanan's colleagues from the House of Representatives. But after a series of unfortunate events, she died, presumably by an overdose of opium. Her death was a big blow to President Buchanan, who just never married or got engaged again. His niece, Harriet Lane, served as his first lady, the first First Lady to not be married to the president. His first Vice President, William King, was sometimes jokingly referred to as "Buchanan's wife".

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