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Theodore dreiser

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Q: Who was a progressive writer who in his book the promise of American life argued for greater government regulation and ownership of industry?
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What was a significant impact of the progressive movement on american life?

It increased government regulation of business

The Progressive Movement was characterized by?

Efforts to better American society through reform, expanded democracy, science, and government regulation. Study Island cheaters rule! ;D woo. You're welcome.

Three ways American media and government are interrelated?

Regulation, adversarial relationship, and elections

What was the long-term impact of the progressive era on american life?

The Progressive Era was an age of reform. Its effects touched all Americans and changed the role of government in American society.

What were goals of the American progressives?

The Progressive Party wanted to reform American government. They wanted to improve working conditions, end child labor, and conserve Natural Resources.

What has the author Cassius Marcellus Clay written?

Cassius Marcellus Clay has written: 'Regulation of public utilities' -- subject(s): Government ownership, Industrial policy, Public utilities, Rates 'The mainstay of American individualism' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Agriculture

How does American government supervise intermediary organizations in education Is there a law or regulation or something like that?

Try this website: See:

Which main American party tends to believes in government regulation?

Actually, history will demonstrate that both parties believe in a certain amount of government regulation; but the Republicans like to insist it's only the Democratic party which believes in it.

When was American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association created?

American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association was created in 1922.

Contradictions within the progressive movement?

The Progressive Movement was full of contradictions. The movement simultaneously worked to both expand and limit the rights of the American people. It promoted the urban-industrial society which often led to the poor working and living conditions it opposed. It opposed trust corporations but supported the philanthropic efforts undertaken from those corporations. It also promoted individual freedom while simultaneously increasing government regulation of food, entertainment, reproduction, and education.

What has the author H H Liebhafsky written?

H. H. Liebhafsky has written: 'American government and business' -- subject(s): Antitrust law, Trade regulation

How did the Europeans feel about land ownership?

Europeans believed they had a right to claim ownership of American.