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who didn't want the First Amendment

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Q: Who was against the first amendment?
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What is the penalty for breaking the first amendment law?

There isn't one. The first amendment is just a promise that the government will not take certain actions against it citizens.

What would happen if you didnt have the first amendment?

If the First Amendment didn\'t exist, we would not be able to practice the religion we choose or speak out against the government.

What is the constitutional prohibition against the government creating an official religion?

The First Amendment

The First Amendment to the Constitution was a reaction against the restraint of speech and of the press that existed in?


What amendment repelled the 18th amendment?

The 21st amendment repelled against the 18th amendment.

Which Amendment protects you against an accusation of a crime?

There is no amendment in the US Constitution which protects you against ACCUSATIONS. However, you are granted the right against 'self incrimination' by the 5th Amendment.

Are there restrictions for entertainment against public morality?

Yes, but they are often defeated on First Amendment grounds.

What amendment protects against self incrimination?

The Fifth Amendment.

When was Association Against the Prohibition Amendment created?

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment was created in 1918.

What arguments did the 15th amendment have against it?

The 15th Amendment was controversial when it first appeared and angered many citizens. They felt that they were know second class citizens to minorities.

Is speaking against the government against the law?

Not in the United States we are protected by the First Amendment which gives us freedom of speech. However it is against the law to make threats against the government.

Who was against passing the 18th amendment?

who was for the passing of the 18th amendment