Who was durba banerjee?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Durba Banerjee was the FIRST INDIAN WOMAN PILOT and the FIRST WOMAN to fly the A200

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Q: Who was durba banerjee?
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Is Durba Banerjee alive?

Do not know. She may or may not be alive.

Who was the first Indian lady to fly a commercial aircraft?

Durba Banerjee

How tall is Durba Sahay?

Durba Sahay is 5' 4 1/2".

When DID durba banerjee joined IA?

(IA = Indian Airlines) IA refused to accept her initially. They preferred to hire men with 100 hours flying experience even though she had already logged 6000 hours! It was only in 1966 that she finally joined IA.

Who is durba benerjee?

she is the first Indian pilot to fly the ad200.

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