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I want to know who was the chairman of the 2nd constitutional convention?

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Q: Who was elected chairman of the second constitutional convention?
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Chairman of the second Constitutional Convention?

John Hancock

What was George Washington position in government?

George Washington was a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, representing the state of Virginia's Westmoreland County and surrounding areas. He never served in the United States Congress at any point in his lifetime, he became President of the United States after the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Why were the delegates of Constitutional Convention chosen?

Delegates meet at that Constitutional Convention to amend the Articles of Confederation.

Chairman of the second constitutional congress?

John Hancock

Who was the president of the second Constitutional Convention?

Revolutionary War hero George Washington, a delegate from Virginia, was elected convention president.George Washington served as president of the convention

Which event occurred second declaration of independence the bill of rights is ratified constitutional convention Delaware is the first state to join the union?

The constitutional convention occurred second.

Which event occurred second in the Ratification process?

The constitutional convention occurred second.

Who was president of the constitution convention?

George Washington

Which event event occurred second?

The constitutional convention occurred second.

Second Constitutional Convention?

The Second Constitutional Convention of the United States is a proposal made in the attempt to improve US politics by renovate the present US Constitution. It is an option that gives governments a way to change things that the states may disagree with.

During what meeting did the delegates each state write a constitution?

Second Continental Congress

Who presided over the constitution convention and what was his title?

George Washington chaired the second Constitutional Convention which drew up our present Constitution. I do not know his exact title.