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Grover Cleveland was defeated in his bid for re-election in 1888 but ran again and won in 1892. He was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.

Martin Van Buren came close to getting the Democratic nomination in 1844 after losing his re-election bid in 1840. In 1848 he ran on the third party, Free-Soil ticket and probably tipped the election to the Whig Zachary Taylor by taking away Democratic from Lewis Cass votes in New York.

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Grover Cleveland was elected in 1884, defeated in 1888 and won in 1892.

Nixon was defeated in 1960, won in 1968 and won in 1972.

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Q: Who was elected president defeated in re-election and ran again?
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When was Lincoln elected president?

November 1860.And again in November 1864.1860

What is the maximum amount of terms a president may now run?

This assumes you mean President of the United States; if you meant something else, ask again and be more specific. Technically there's no limit on the number of times you can run for President; the limitation is on how long you can actually be President. In order to be eligible to be elected President, you may not have previously served more than one and one-half terms in that office. So, it's possible for someone to be elected vice-president, become president one day past the halfway point and serve out the remainder of the term as president (just under 1/2 term), then be elected twice more for two full terms, a total of 1 day less than 2.5 terms (10 years). If a vice-president becomes president at exactly the halfway mark of the term or earlier, it counts as a full term, so he can only run for president one more time after that (unless he's not elected ... it's possible to ascend to the presidency, serve out more than half a term, and then be defeated in one or more elections until finally elected again, after which you would no longer be eligible to run again).

What year was George Washington elected the first president of the US?

George Washington was elected president of the United States in 1789 and again in 1792. His first election spanned the period from November, 1788 to early 1789, and Congress officially certified the electoral vote on April 6, 1789.

How long can a president serve for and how many terms?

In the usa, the president can serve up to two terms, each being 4 years. The president can only serve the second term if he/she is elected again.

If Hillary Clinton were elected and bill were her vice president and she died during office who would succeed her?

Bill Clinton can not legally serve as Vice-president because he can not again be president, having already served two full terms. If Hillary were elected and died, the legally installed vice-president would succeed her.

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Which president was the only one to serve two nonconsectutive terms of office?

Grove Cleveland has that distinction. He was elected in 1884, defeated in 1888 and elected again in1892.

How long are members of the senate elected for?

Senators are elected for one six year terms. After their six years are up, they can run for reelection again. Unlike the President, there is no term limit for a Senator.

When George Washington was elected to be a president?

He was elected in 1789 and again in 1792.

Was al gore elected vice president in 1992?

Al Gore was elected Vice President twice. First in 1992, and then again in 1996.

Lincoln was elected president in year what?

1860 was the year that Lincoln was elected president for the first time. He was elected again in 1864.

When was William McKinley elected?

He was elected US president in 1896 and again in 1900.

Who was the Democrat president after civil war?

After President Lincoln's assassination, it was along time before a Democrat became a US President. Grover Cleveland was the first Democrat since US President James Buchanan was President. Grover Cleveland won the election of 1884. Cleveland served as 22nd & later the 24th US President. He lost his bid for reelection in 1888. Cleveland ran again in 1892 and was elected US President again.

When was Abe elected president?

1860 and again in 1864.

What is the president required to do to have a second term?

Be elected again.

Which country elected a president each six without getting re-elected?

Mexico's president is elected to a six year term but cannot run again.

What year was Alan Garcia Perez president?

He was first elected president in 1985. He ran for president in 2001, but lost to Alejandro Toledo. In 2006 he ran for president again, and was elected president.

What date was Reagan reelected president?

Yes, President Reagan served two terms in office; he was elected in 1980, and re-elected in 1984. In fact, he did better the second time than he did the first, winning 59% of the votes compared to 51% the first time, and a record 525 of 538 electoral votes. Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and Carter's Vice President, Walter Mondale, in 1984.