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George Rogers Clark c;

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Q: Who was head of militia force that defended the frontier in the late 1770s?
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What happened at the battle of bunkerhill?

A force of Colonial Militia faced of against a larger force of British regular troops at Charlestown Massachusetts. The Colonial militia used fortifications against the oncoming British assault. A commander of the Colonial force order his troops not to fire until the British regulars came in considerable distance from their lines. The order was known as "don't fire until you see the whites in their eyes". Because of firearms at the time and fewer resources of the colonials, the intent of this order was to not waste ammunition and ensure accuracy. The British force, although suffering over 1000 casualties, managed to take the position and thus win a costly victory.

How did Washington and his troops captured Boston?

Washington reached the Boston area in July 1775, a few weeks after the Battle of Bunker Hill. The British held Boston, but Patriot militia ringed the city. Although the size of the colonial force grew every day, Washington realized that the men were disorganized and lacked discipline-the ability to follow strict rules and procedures. Washington began the task of turning armed civilians into soldiers.

American officer who accompanied General Braddock on a march through the wilderness?

Colonel George Washington of the Virginia Militia. In the massive ambush where Braddock's force was annihilated and Braddock himself mortally wounded, Washington got four bullets passing through his clothes, but was not scratched. Other notable Americans along were Daniel Boone and Daniel Morgan, both serving as teamsters (wagon drivers).

What is an occupying force?

an occupying force is a force that occupies something. forces that are occupied by this something are called occupied forces.

Can a state force the federal government to lesve?

You cannot force the U.S. government to leave in the U.S. government. But if the state has a big enough army, with force, it could overtake by force the the U.S. government.

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Head of a militia force that defended the frontier in the late 1770s?


Who was the person that was the head of the militia force that defended the frentier in the 1700s?

George Rogers Clark

What is the motto of Frontier Force Regiment?

Frontier Force Regiment's motto is 'Here I am'.

When was Western Frontier Force created?

Western Frontier Force was created in 1915.

What is a synonym for militia?

military force

When did Royal West African Frontier Force end?

Royal West African Frontier Force ended in 1960.

When was Royal West African Frontier Force created?

Royal West African Frontier Force was created in 1900.

What actors and actresses appeared in Frontier Force - 2011?

The cast of Frontier Force - 2011 includes: Alexander Brandon as Narrator

Britains air force that defended Britain against the long German siege?

Royal Air Force-RAF

Force of armed civilians pledged to defend their community?

The unorganized militia.

All states have a right to organize a militia force for its protection?

2nd amendment

What are members of an irregular military force?

Members of an irregular military force are soldiers of a citizen militia, mercenaries or guerilla fighters.