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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President when we entered Word War 2, which is generally considered the end of the depression due to the accelerated industry that supported the war effort.

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Q: Who was in office when the depression ended?
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What ended the Great Depression?

World War II

How did U.S. got out of the depression?

=WW2 ended the Depression.=

What kind of bomb ended the great depression?

It was not ended by a bomb.

The Great Depression ended with the beginning of what?

The Great Depression ended in the late 30s. The Depression ended around when World War II began. Many believe WW2 helped end the Depression, since war materials and troops provided paying jobs to millions.

What ended the depression and why?

The Great Depression ended in 1941 and it was because of Shirley Temple.

When did the Great Depression in Australia end?

The Gret Depression ended in the early months of 1932.

When did the Great Depression Start and end?

The great depression started in october 1929 when the stock market crashed and it ended in 1934.

What event ended the prosperity of the 1920?

The Great Depression ended the economic prosperity of the 1920s.

What ends depression in World War 1?

WW2 ended the depression of the 1930's in the US.

Was the great depression during slavery?

No. Slavery ended in 1865. The Great Depression was in 1929 to 1939.

What event ended in world 2?

the great depression

Who was the president in power during the Great Depression?

Herbert Hoover was President when the Great Depression began. Franklin Roosevelt was President when the Depression ended.