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John Logie Baird's father was Reverend John Braid. His mother was Jessie Morrison Inglis. John Logie Baird's wife was Margaret Albu and together they had 2 children, Diana and Malcolm.

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Q: Who was john logie bairds father?
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What was john logie bairds real name?

John Logie Baird's real name was John Logie Baird.

What is john logie bairds nickname?


What are John logie bairds kids names?

Diana and Malcolm

When is John Logie Bairds birthday?

13th of August 1888

What was john logie bairds job?

he did not have a job he just was inventer

Who were John Logie Bairds kids names?

John Logie Baird had four children: Diana, Malcolm, Diana, and John.

John logie bairds mothers name?

Annie or jean biard Annie or jean biard

Who were John Logie Bairds parents?

John Logie Baird, born in 1888, was the inventor of the first television. His father was Reverend John Baird and his mother was Jessie Morrison Inglis.

Who was John Logie Baird a Christian?

Yes, his father was a Presbyterian Minister. However, during his life John Logie Baird seldom went to church.

Where can you find a photograph of the first television invented?

Theres pics of John Logie Bairds Television At the Museum of Television at along with lots of background information on the subject.

John logie baird is credited as being the father of?

Jerimiah Buddanas

What did John logie invent?

john Logie Baird invented the television