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Simon Bolivar, I beieve comes the closest.

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Q: Who was like George Washington for latin America working for their independence from Spain?
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Who led America into the war before you won your independence?

George Washington

What George Washington is remebered as?

George Washington is widely remembered as the leader who won independence for America and founded the country's government.

Who wrote in 1774 that no thinking man in America wanted independence from England?

George Washington

What contributions made George Washington famous?

He fought for the independence of America. He also became president.

George Washington fought the british for independence?

George Washington was the American leader who led the country to independence.

Where was George Washington inaugurared?

Who did George Washington want to gain independence from

Independence Specials: Why do we have 4th of July?

We have 4th of July because of George Washington's Declaration of Independence that turned the thirteen colonies into the United States of America

Latin American country that won its independence from Spain in 1821 homeland of the George Washington of south America?


Why is the Washington monument important to America?

The Washington Monument was dedicated to our first president George Washington who led the country in the Revolutionary War to gain independence from Great Britain.

What did George Washington do to affect America?

George Washington was a commander in the American Revolution, helping the colonies win their independence. Then he became the first President of the United States.

How does George Washington compare to Simon bolivar?

bolivar fought for independence in the Spanish colonies of south America and Washington did the same for British colonies in north America newtest3 Washington had a lot of money. Simon Bolivar had a lot of money, but used most of the money in the Battle of Boyaca.

What did George Washington do for us?

Well George Washington helped us to gain our freedom and independence.