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George Washington was the president of the Constitutional Convention. James Madison did the most to shape the drafting of the Constitution.

After all of the delegates had figured out the three branches of government, Benjamin Franklin wanted George to become the first president of the young United States because he was the successful commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

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Washington was the leader of the convention.

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James Madison was president

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Q: Who was named the leader of the constitutional convention?
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Who was elected the leader of the Constitutional Convention?

George Washington was elected leader of the Constitutional Convention.

Who was the oldest leader at the Constitutional Convention?

The oldest leader at the oldest leader at the constitutional convention was Ben Franklin, he was 81 years old :0

Who was the leader at the Constitutional Convention?

Alexander Hamilton

Leader of constitutional convention?

George Washington

The delegates at the constitutional convention chose you as their leader?

George Washington

What group was responsible for the creation of the us government?

The Constitutional Convention

who was the leader of the constitutional convention is know as the father of the constitution?

James Madison

Who was elected the president in the constitutional convention?

George Washington was the person elected to be president of the constitutional convention because he was the leader for almost everything involving the constitution.

What famous leader was out of the country on government missions during the constitutional convention?

Benjamin Franklin

What did the constitutional convention decide to call the leader of the country?

they gave to much power to the states

When was the Constitutional Convention held?

The Constitutional Convention began on May 25, 1787 and ended on September 17.The Constitutional Convention is also known as the Federal Convention, the Philadelphia Convention, and the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

What was the meeting in Philadelphia in may of 1787?

The Constitutional Convention, where the modern day Constitution for the United States was written.