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There was no president. The marine Corps was formed in 1775 by the Continental Congress.

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Q: Who was president when the marine corps was established?
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Who was president when the marine corps and the Library of Congress was established?

There was no President when the USMC was established.

Year the US marine corps was established?

The Marine Corps was established 10 November 1775.

Where was the US Marine Corps established?


Why was the US Marine Corps and Navy established?

In 1798, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps were created

Does the president have control of the marine corps?

Yes, the President is the Commander in Chief of all the armed services. The Marine Corps is part of the Navy Dept.

What group established the US Marine Corps?

The U.S government

When was the US Marine Corps first established?

On 10 November 1775.

What was the established year of the US Marine Corp?

The predecessor of the US Marine Corps is the Continental Marines, formed on 10 November, 1775. The Continental Marines fought in the War for Independence, and eventually transformed into the Marine Corps upon creation of the United States of America as a national entity.

What is the Marine Corps birthday?

It is celebrated on November 10, each year. The US Marine Corps was established on Nov. 10, 1775.

What is the job of the Commandant of the Marine Corps?

The job of the Commandant of the Marine Corps is to serve as the highest-ranking officer in the United States Marine Corps. They are responsible for the administration, combat readiness, and effectiveness of the Marine Corps. They advise the President, Secretary of Defense, and other senior military officials on matters relating to the Marine Corps.

How did the US Marine Corps become established?

It was established by an act of the Continental Congress on 10 November 1775.

Who established the Marine Corps in 1775? Nicholas