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Harry S Truman never attended college.

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Q: Who was the 20th century president without a college degree?
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Who was the last United States president without a college degree?

The last president without a college degree, was Democratic President Harry S. Truman.

Who was the 20th century president with out a college degree?

Harry.S.Truman never attended college.

Can a person that did not go to college be president?

Yes. A college degree is NOT an official requirement to become president. That said, in this day and age it's extremely unlikely for someone without higher education to become president.

Does one has to be a college graduate to become president?

It depends on where you are. Some might not, but anyone without a degree is never going to be considered anyway.

Who was the last president to attend college?

Harry S. Truman was the last president who did NOT attend college, The current President Obama is a college graduate and also has a law degree.

Can I find a good job without a college degree?

Most people without a college degree go to factories to work. If college is not for you then you could also try an apprenticeship to get into a career.

Do you need a college degree to become president?

It is not required by constitution to have any particular sort of schooling. Most presidents did have a college degree.

Who was the first president to earn a college degree?

John Adams

Who is the US president has no college degree?

For one, Abraham Lincoln.

What does the phrase ''without a sheepskin'' mean?

The "sheepskin" refers to a college degree, so "without a sheepskin" refers to without a college degree. Many years ago, college diplomas were printed on certficates made from sheepskin.

Can you go to vet school without a college degree?

In the United States, yes you can be accepted to a college of veterinary medicine without having an undergraduate college degree. However, this is becoming more rare.

Which college was Barack Obama president of?

Barack Obama was never the president of a college. But he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review when he was getting his law degree.