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Daniel Morgan

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Q: Who was the American hero at the battle of Cowpen?
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Who were the leaders of the battle of cowpen?


Who won the Battle of Cowpens?

who won the battle of cowpen The Battle of Cowpens was won by the American Army led by Gen. Daniel Morgan, who defeated a British Army led by Col. Banastre Tarleton, on January 17,1781.

Why was the battle of cowpen important?

NEW ANSWER:The Battle of Cowpens was important for it encouraged Southern militiamen to come out and fight.

Who was the hero in the battle of new Orleans?

Major General Andrew Jackson was the American Hero of New Orleans.

In which Spanish American War battle did T Roosevelt become a hero?

The Battle of San Juan Hill

William Henry Harrison was the american hero at the battle of new orleans?


Who became an American hero at the battle of new Orleans when he defeated the British?

Andrew Jackson

Who became the hero at the Battle of New Orleans and American's first rear admiral?


Which American hero took command during the Battle of the Argonne Forest?

Alvin York

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Which president was a war hero from the Battle of New Orleans?

Andrew Jackson was the hero from the battle of New Orleans before he was president. He gainded great fame from fighting Indians in the American Southeast.

Who was known for as a hero of the Battle of San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War?

Theodore Roosevelt.