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Q: Who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Colonial army during the Revolutionary war?
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What was an advantage of the colonial army in the Revolutionary War?

Their style of fighting was the advantage of the colonial army.

Did george washington lead the colonial army during the revolutionary war?

Yes. George Washington was commander in chief of the Continental army during the American Revolution.

What is the name of the colonist army in the revolutionary war?

It's generally referred to as the Colonial Army or the Continental Army.

What was George Washingtons part in the revolutionary war?

He was the general of the colonial army

What role did George Washington play in the revolutionary war?

commander of the colonial army

Who was the commander of the revolutionary army?

George Washington was the commander of Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War .

How old was George Washington during the Revolutionary War?

He was 43 in 1775 when he accepted command of the Continental Army. Following the colonial victory, he left the army on December 23, 1783 at the age of 51.

What did William dawes do in the Revolutionary War?

William Dawes warned the colonial minutemen of the approach of the British Army.

Which was a British advantage during the Revolutionary War?

Larger army

George washingtons contributions during the revolutionary war?

He was the Leader of the colonial army in the American revolutionthis is very brief,FE was also became the president of the U.S and was a member of congresssorry for the tipeo

During the revolutionary war what did the continental army lack?

During the Revolutionary War the Continental Army the soldiers lack many of the basic necessities. They lacked food, clothing, shoes, and weapons.

Who was commander of the colonial army and navy during the revolution?


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