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The answer is Nathan Hale

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Q: Who was the Connecticut officer who went behind British lines to get information?
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Working behind the scenes to inform the British of John Jay's intentions in treaty negotiations was?

Alexander Hamilton.

How was his childhood Nathan Hale?

He was born in Connecticut. He was kind, religious, athletic and intelligent. He graduated from Yale at the age of 18. As a captain in the Continental Army, he volunteered to go behind enemy lines, as a school teacher to spy on the British. He was captured and on Sept.22,1776, at the age of 21 years old, he was executed. Courageous to the end, he said, "I ONLY REGRET THAT I HAVE BUT ONE LIFE TO LOSE FOR MY COUNTRY"

How did Benedict Arnold get captured?

Benedict Arnold was never captured. It was British Major John Andre, who was involved in the plan to hand West Point over to the British, that was captured by the Americans and hanged as a spy.

Who is the first cabinet officer in the line of succession for the presidency?

The first cabinet officer in line for the presidency is the Secretary of state, who is behind the vice-president, the Speaker of the House and president pro tempore of the Senate.

How did Nathan Hales actions affect the revolutionary war?

Yes, Nathan Hale impacted the American Revolution - He went on one of the most dangerous and secretive mission directed by General George Washington. He succeeded to disguise as a Dutch schoolteacher and manage his way behind British lines. Once he recovered British military information, he was caught by a few British officers and was immediately sent to his death by being hung by British General - Cornwallis. As he never completely succeeded in his daring mission, he did volunteer and gave his life for his country.

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Who is the Connecticut officer who went behind British lines to get secret information?

nathan hale

Who was a connecticut officer who went behind british lines to get secret information during the american revolution?

Nathan hale

Who was the officer who went behind british lines to get information?

The answer is Nathan Hale

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Why did Nathan Hale dress like a teacher?

He dressed up as a school teacher in order to go behind Enemy(british) lines to find out information about where the british were going to strike next. Also, he was actually a school teacher. That is a fact.

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