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Christian Griepenkerl and Alois Delug were the directors of two painting schools of Vienna Academy of Fine arts in 1907-1908. The two are known for rejecting Adolf Hitler's application to join the academy in 1907 and 1908.

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Q: Who was the Director of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1907?
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When was Hitler rejected by the Vienna Academy of Arts?

Hitler lived in Vienna from 1905. He was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 1907 and 1908.

Why did Hitler go to Vienna?

Hitler did go to Vienna for joining the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He had hoped to become an artist but was rejected as unqualified by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in October 1907.

When did Hundertwasser become a painter?

At the age of 20 he attended the Academy of Arts in Vienna.

What was wunderwaseers school?

he spent three months at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

Why did young Hitler come home from fine arts academy in Vienna?

Probably because they did not accept him at the school.

What was the decisions of the academy of fine Vienna regarding Adolf Hitler?

The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts rejected Adolf Hitler's application in the fall of 1907 because his test work showed a lack of talent for artistic painting, notably a lack of appreciation of the human form. The academy noted his obvious talent for architectural drawing, and encouraged him to pursue this line of art. In the fall of 1908, Hitler again applied to the Vienna academy, with essentially the same result, except his initial test drawings were so bad he wasn't permitted to take the full test.

What did hilter want to study in collage?

Hilter wanted to become an artist but was denied entry to Vienna academy of Arts

What was the name of the school Hitler was kick out of?

He was rejected from 2 schools. Both where situated in Vienna.

What did Hitler do in 1908?

In 1908, Hitler was 18-19 years old. He lived in Vienna, Austria-Hungary and was living off the inheritance he got from his father's death. His mother had died at the very end of 1907, so he probably started out the year mourning her death. He also tried to enroll at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts to study to become an artist, but he was rejected again (he had tried in 1907 too).

When was University of Applied Arts Vienna created?

University of Applied Arts Vienna was created in 1867.

In which city did Hitler apply twice for a pregistious art school?

Hitler applied twice for admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. He was rejected both times, which greatly impacted his life and contributed to his decision to pursue a career in politics instead.

Who is Zoe Guglielmi?

Zoe Guglielmi is an emerging young painter from Vienna, Austria, graduated from the Vienna Academy of fine arts. Her works are mostly contemporary figurative oil on canvas, often surrealistic, containg symbolism and elements of fantasy.