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Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui was the Inca leader that greatly expanded the Inca empire. Machu Picchu was built for him as a palace.

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Q: Who was the Inca leader that grew the empire the most?
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The inca expanded quickly under the leadership of whom?

The Inca Empire was one of the most prolific of its time. The empire expanded quickly under Tupac Inca Yupanqui.

How was the Inca empire organized?

The Inca empire was one of the most important in Central America. It was organized by social class and a political system.

What made the Inca so great?

the inca was the biggest and most put together pre Colombian empire

What is the definition for Sapa Inca?

Sapa Inca was the title given to the ruler of the Inca Empire in pre-Columbian South America. It was the most powerful position in the empire and carried religious and political significance. The Sapa Inca was believed to be the descendant of the sun god Inti.

What were the major cities of the Inca civilization?

The Inca civilization had the largest empire in the Americas prior to European colonization. The most famous cities of the Inca civilization were Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Cuzco was the capital of the Incan empire.

Under who's reign did the Inca Empire grow most?


Who ruled the Inca empire?

This is an easy one, the Inca ruled the Inca Empire. He was also considered son of the sun (Inti) the most important god to the Inca people

Who was piazzaro?

He was a Spanish conquistador who was most famous for conquering the Inca Empire in Peru.

Of which country was cuzco the capital city?

Cuzco was the capital city of the Inca Empire, which was located in present-day Peru. It was considered the most important city of the empire and was the center of Inca civilization and power.

What was the religious center of the Inca empire?

The religious center of the Inca empire was the Coricancha, located in the capital city of Cusco in present-day Peru. It was the most important temple dedicated to Inti, the sun god, and was considered the holiest site in the Inca religion.

How did the Inca empire expand?

The Inca expanded their empire primary through conquest. The Inca Empire existed from 1438 to 1533.

Who was most powerful after the ruler in the Inca empire?

It was and is the chuputi man he was the ruler of mayan culture and also the ruler of inca culture he made a huge difference.