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John Paul Jones patrolled the Atlantic Ocean.

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Q: Who was the Naval officer who patrolled the Atlantic Ocean harassing the British ships supplying the British troops?
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Why did British ships attack American ships in 1812?

They technically didn't attack the ships. What they did was impress the American sailors into the British Navy. This means that they captured American sailors and forced them to join the British Navy and fight the French (Napoleon).

What was the document that came out of the Atlantic Conference?

The Atlantic Charter was a statement agreed between Britain and the United States of America. It was intended as the blueprint for the postwar world after World War II, and turned out to be the foundation for many of the international agreements that currently shape the world. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the post-war independence of British and French possessions, and much more are derived from the Atlantic Charter.

How was british territory acquired by the US?

It was acquired after the Revolution when the United States got all the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi. They also got land from the Louisiana purchase and from the war against Mexico.

What are the boundary of the US after the Revolutionary War?

All former British territories west to the Mississippi.

What was the most important factor in us winning the war?

The most common belief is that guerrilla type tactics was the cause that the British lost the war, but that is wrong. It was the slow wearing down of the resolve to win and Washington building an army that could go toe to toe and win against the British. Also, Washington's Army controlled the country side and the supplies. It became to costly for the British to continually to supply an army across the Atlantic. The British could win the cities and ports, but when they went into the countryside they would be beaten. You can not win a war without having the resolve to take the fight to the enemy and take their supplies and make their army hungry. The British were never really able to do that. They could slow down the supplies, but never stop them.

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Who was the naval officer who patrolled the Atlantic ocean harassing the British ship supplying the British troops?

John Paul Jones patrolled the Atlantic Ocean.

Who had the advantage in the battle of lexington?

The British. Although the colonists had some success harassing the British column from hiding after the Battle, they were no match for the British Army's numbers, experience, and discipline.

Which separates the British isles and America?

The Atlantic Ocean.

Where did the french and the british naval Battle occur?

The Atlantic Ocean

What were the feelings of the colonist towards the British in the 1770's?

the colonists felt that the king was harassing them and that he was touching their bodies too much

How did the British use sea power to help them capture Philadelphia?

The British patrolled around New Jersey and Deleware where they cut off the American forces. Some British troops walked on foot and surrounded the American forces. The British also outnumbered the Americans. That's how they captured Philadelphia.

Which bodies of water separate the US from british territory to the north?

the Atlantic ocean

What role did Great Britain play in the conflict between the US and Americans Indians on the western frontier?

The british hoped to limit american settlement by supplying Native americans with guns and ammunition.

The ocean west of Scotland?

The North Atlantic ocean lies to the West of Scotland.

What oceans border british isles?

Atlantic ocean.

What water is were the British isles are located?

the Atlantic Ocean

Which is closer to the Atlantic ocean the US or the British Isles?

They both have Atlantic coasts, so they are the same distance.