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15th president James Buchanan

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it was James Buchanan

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Yes. His name was James Buchanan.

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James Buchanan

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Q: Who was the Only president without wife or kids?
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Is Obama the first president with a wife and children?

No. James Buchanan is the only bachelor President of the United States. Most of them have kids.

Who are the residents of the president?

* Wife * Kids * Secretaries * Vice President * Cabinet Mem's

Did president James Polk have kids?

NO- he and his wife did not have any children.

If she's first lady are the kids first kids?

No. The first lady is not the real first lady. They call the president's wife the first lady. So if Mitt Romney was the president, his wife would be the first lady. So the first lady's kids are not the first kids

What lady is the traditional reference to the president wife?

The president's wife is called the first lady .

Does shimon peres has a wife and children?

He has a wife and kids and 6 grandkids but, since he became the president of Israel, his wife does not live with him and they are separated.

Does David almond have a wife and kids?

yes he had a wife and also had only one daughter

What is President Carter's wife name?

Wife: Rosalynn Kids: John. James. Donnel. Amy Lynn. {| ! |}

Who did President Obama have kids by?

President Obama has two daughters named Malia Ann and Natasha Marian, also known as Sasha. They were born to him and his wife, Michelle Obama.

What kids did president James Madison have?

None of his own but his wife Dolley had a son with one of her other husbands

Why wouldn't kids like Barack Obama?

There is no reason why they wouldn't like him. By most accounts from people who have met him and his wife Michelle, they are very friendly to kids. But sadly, some parents teach their kids to dislike the president because they didn't vote for him. Kids are innocent and don't know about politics, so ideally, they should be taught to respect the president, whoever it is, and not be given their parents' personal dislike of the person in the White House. Thus, the only kids who don't like the president are probably the kids who were taught to dislike him.

Did William McKinley have kids?

President William McKinley did have two children with his wife. Both girls died in childhood. He was the 25th President of the United States.