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Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901) was the 23rd US President, serving from 1889 to 1893.

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Benjamin Harrison

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Q: Who was the US President in 1890?
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Was the president a Democrat or a republican in 1890?

Democrat Grover Cleveland was the President in 1890.

What name is the president in US in the year 1890?

The 23rd President of the United States was Benjamin Harrison from March 4, 1889 to March 4, 1893

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Who was president of the US when the US first went to Vietnam?

Dwight Eisenhower (1890-1969) was President in 1959 when the Vietnam War began. About 900 US military advisors were sent to the area. President John F. Kennedy supported the anti-communist regime of South Vietnam, providing increased aid and support. In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin incident to push Congress to authorize the direct deployment of US troops.

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