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Paul Robeson

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Q: Who was the child of a runaway slave and an all American in football?
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This person the child of a runaway slave was a football?

charles dre

When was Runaway Slave created?

Runaway Slave was created in 1991.

Which action by congress required American to return runaway slaves to their?

the fugitive slave law

Frederick Douglass a runaway slave published a?

A narrative of his life. It is titled " Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave"

Which action by congerss required American to return runaway slaves to their owners?

The Fugitive Slave Law

What are the ratings and certificates for Runaway Slave - 2012?

Runaway Slave - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

What actors and actresses appeared in The Runaway Slave - 1912?

The cast of The Runaway Slave - 1912 includes: Henry Belmar

Nat Turner was a runaway slave who headed the abolitionist movement in the North?

Nathaniel "Nat" Turner was an American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia on August 21, 1831.

What did the fugitives slave law require American to do?

The Fugitive Slave Act (1850) required individuals to turn in any black person suspected of being a runaway slave. This could be done without actual proof or a trial of any kind. It was a panacea of sorts to the Southern slave states, which lost hundreds of runaway slaves a year.

Is a fugitive a runaway slave?


What is a code name for a runaway slave?

Runaway slaves didn't have code names.

What were runaway slaves called in 1861?

They were called fugitives. A fugitive is a runaway slave