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Q: Who was the first female actress in America?
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Who was the first female professional actress?

Margaret Hughes is recognized as the first female professional actress. Margaret's first part was in the play Othello in 1660.

Who is the first female Indian actor?

The first female actress in an Indian cinema is Ashwarya Rai.

Who was the first African American female actress to win an Oscar for best leading actress?

halle berry

Who was the first female actress to make one million dollars for a movie role?

Name the first female actress to earn one million dollars for a film role I believe it was, 'Elizabeth Taylor'

Who was the first female actress in Europe?

males were as they dressed up as females =D

What do you call a female actress?


What is Pamela Stephenson known for?

Pamela Stephenson is an actress and comedian. She was the first SNL host to be female and born outside of North America. Also, she has a licensed clinical psycology practice in Beverly Hills.

What is an actress a boy or a girl?

An actress is a female.

What female actor's first name contains the letter x?

Xenia Goodwin is an Australian actress.

Who was the first licensed US black female Pilot?

Harriet Quimby, America's first licensed female pilot

Who was the first female author in America?

Anne Bradstreet

Which female Celebrities First Names starting with letter A?

· Alison Krauss (entertainer) · Amy Grant (singer) · Angela Lansbury (actress) · Angelina Jolie (actress)